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Dynamic Retargeting



Powerize your 
Strategy and yoursConversions

Your brand, your offer, at the right time for the right person.

Implement dynamic and intelligent ads in your strategic move to reach potential customers and convert them on your website.


Artificial Intelligence & Growth Marketing & Dynamic Ads

With decades of experience in the digital world and media buying,  RM Ads developed its own technology integrated with artificial intelligence and data connected to algorithms capable of delivering dynamic ads at key moments in the customer journey.

Premium Publishers & Supers Affiliates &

We collaborate and act together with more than 250 partners in different segments of the digital market, informational or transactional, websites or e-commerce, aiming to improve the user experience and qualify traffic with a focus on more conversions.

& Direct Inventory
& Segmented Profile

Through direct negotiations guarantee exclusive spaces and quality on our network that reaches more than 100 million impressions per month. In partnership with big publishers, regional websites, sports, economic and other content publishers.


Multiplatform Reach

Technology with a wide range of digital channels, from websites and social networks to mobile applications, ensuring that your message reaches your target audience more assertively in the right place.


Growth Driven Analytics

Based on analysis of the target audience's behavioral data, the algorithm constantly optimizes and tests new ads according to segmentations in search of better results.


Advanced Segmentation

The addition of multiplatform connections with our optimization model opens up opportunities for customer recovery and similarity segmentation to reach new audiences.


Specialized Team

We are ready to collaborate with you and your strategy in pursuit of achieving your goal. We work side by side with our partners, always exchanging new knowledge.


New Visions

New opportunities

With dynamic ads you expand your brand’s reach and enable new and returning users


High trafficsafe and qualified


Advertssmart and contextual


Recovery and Loyalty from user​


Quick Reports and easy to understand


Compliant to GDPR

Increase your conversions with dynamic retargeting ads

Personalize your marketing strategy with dynamic ads for those who have already visited your website or for groups with similar profiles.


How dynamic retargeting works for you

A highly personalized strategy to reach visitors who have already shown interest in your website and also new visitors with campaigns for groups with profiles similar to your website visitors.

Using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, we apply a high level of personalization and optimization to ads that become highly relevant to each audience segment, significantly increasing the chances of converting these visitors into loyal customers who are engaged with your brand.

Generate more sales or leads (and more qualified ones)

Engage consumers with Publishers Premium

A custom piece of code placed on your website allows the RM Ads Dynamic RTG platform to capture interaction data, analyze visitor behavior, and boost product and service recommendations with ads from your brand.

With Dynamic RTG you have access to the smartest inventory with exclusive spaces on various portals, regional websites, and more. and sports, financial, food segments, among others available on our network and partners. 

Recover visitors who passed by your website

Boost sales or registrations on your website with visitors who left without converting. Personalized offers, shown at the right time and in the right format, can bring this entire group of consumers back.

Diversify your budget across other channels

RM Ads Dynamic RTG technology accurately predicts each consumer's engagement, conversion and value to define potential and determine whether the ad is worth showing. This way we avoid saturation on the part of the consumer and find them on another channel.

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We build results as a team


Monthly Prints

Average number of times our campaigns are displayed throughout the month across the world.


Users Per Month

Number of different users impacted on average across all our channels throughout the month.


Monthly Prints

Average number of times our campaigns are displayed throughout the month across the world.

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